Andreas Arnesson

Andreas Arnesson


Department of Computer Science, Room J3337

+46 (0) 455-385803

About me

I teach in the web development courses for the following education programs:

  • Web programming 180hp (campus)
  • Web programming 120hp (distance)
  • Course package: Web development and programming 30hp (distance)
  • Course package: Web programming and databases 30hp (distance)

Lecturer in web technologies, programming, databases and related frameworks.
Main focus blended learning where integrating campus and distance education.



Bachelor’s degree

Wahlström, Simon. Comparing Scaling Benefits of Monolithic and Microservice Architectures Implemented in Java and Go. 2019,


2-year degree

Wärnå, Klas. Programmering i skolmatematiken – problemlösning eller problemskapande. 2019,

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