Claes Jogréus

Claes Jogréus

Senior lecturer/Associate professor

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Room J3605

+46 (0) 455-385405



A short biography

I received my PhD degree from Lund Institute of Technology in 1991. The title of my dissertation was “Methods for analysis of switching stochastic systems”. In the summer of 1991 I became senior lecturer (assistant professor) at HK/R (now BTH). I was head of the Department of telecommunication and mathematics 1993-1998 and head of the Department of Health, Science and Mathematics” 1999-2003. I have also been deputy dean for undergraduate education 2002-2010. I have also been responsible for the M.Sc. programme in Mathematical modelling and simulation. The last years I have focused on research in medical statistics, leading to promotion to Associate Professor in spring 2017.

Projects & Publications

Finished projects
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