Håkan Lennerstad

Håkan Lennerstad

Professor emeritus


Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Room J3606

+46 (0) 455-385455

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Håkan Lennerstad is born 1952 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He became master of engineering 1977, technical physics, Ph. D. in mathematics 1990 at Chalmers University of Technology, and professor in mathematics 2013 at BTH. He has been employed at the BTH since 1992.

His Ph. D. thesis concerns boundary value problems for the Laplace equation in two-dimensional non-smooth domains, but he changed research area after arriving to the BTH. In a long cooperation mainly with Lars Lundberg, combinatorics and number theory have been used and developed to find sharp bounds for various parallel computer performance questions. A different strand, with Magnus Nilsson and Efraim Laksman considers improved bounds for the Euclidean minimal distance in coding theory.

Traffic flows has become relevant because of Henrik Fredrikssons licentiate work, which mathematically translates to flows on graphs, and is relevant also in computer networks and social networks, for example.

He has been active in many ways in mathematics education, with main themes mathematics and language and mathematical dialogues. Most of this research is in Swedish, however not everything!

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