Helena Tillborg

Helena Tillborg



Department of Strategic Sustainable Development

DSIP Digital Sustainability Implementation Package

Helena Tillborg has profound experience in sustainability work in businesses and organisations. Starting out at The Natural Step in Stockholm in 1995, she has since been active both as a consultant and as employed, in e.g. Tetra Pak and Semcon, working in a wide range of sectors such as energy, real estate, food and packaging, ICT and automotive.

Innovation, strategy and business development are areas well known to Helena. She was responsible for building and running a national ”virtual incubator” for cleantech (impact) innovation companies, Cleantech Inn Sweden 2007–2011. Her network among investors and within the public support system is extensive. Through the years, she has been working closely with policymakers and the public sector, for example as an analyst and head of the Office of Science & Innovation at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo 2013-2015.

Helena is a generalist with broad experience in leading and developing companies. Her most recent employment was as Head of Unit Business Development and member of the executive team at Kraftringen 2017–2020.

Helena has a Ph.D. in Physics from Uppsala University 1993 and an EMBA exam from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg 2014.

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