Jonas Månsson

Jonas Månsson


Department of Industrial Economics, Room J2415

+46 (0) 455-385612



Research area

Efficiency/productivity and causality.

Some of the questions that are explored:

Efficiency/ productivity

  • Is the service/production provided efficient?
  • How do efficiency and technological changes evolve over time?
  • Is private provision more efficient than public provision of goods/services?
  • Do hiring a manager been more efficient than owner managed firms?
  • Do vertical integration make firms more efficient?



  • Can business counselling help firms to grow?
  • What can language training do for integration?
  • What are the impacts on firms of EU support?
  • Do regional subsidies matter for firms’ performance and growth?
  • What impacts have a reduced VAT on firm performance and employment?

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A short description

Jonas Månsson has a PhD in Economics from Lund university that he successfully defended in 2001. His dissertation was on different applied aspects of cross-sectional efficiency analysis. His supervisors for the dissertation were Prof. Lars-Gunnar Svensson, Lund University and Prof. Rolf Färe, Oregon State University. In 2019 Jonas left Linnaeus University and joined Blekinge Institute of Technology and became a full professor in industrial economics the same year.

Both before and after his dissertation Jonas have had several academic management positions (program director, head of department, deputy and acting dean). Since 2006 Jonas has, on part-time basis, worked extensively with entities outside the academics. 2006-2007 at the National institute for working life, 2007-2009, the Institute for Growth Policy Analysis (ITPS, now named the Authority for Growth Policy and Evaluation (Tillväxtanalys)), 2009-2018, Swedish national audit office (Riksrevisionen), 2018-2020 ´the Inspectorate for social insurance (Inspektionen för socialförsäkringen, ISF), 2018-, Norwegian national audit office (on contract basis). Besides having a part-time employment outside of the academics Jonas was in the monitoring committee for the European Social Fund (2009-2022) and is since 2020 a member of the research board for the Swedish Board of Agriculture. During the years Jonas has have several board positions, both inside and outside of the academia. Svets och Robotteknik i Växjö AB, (welding equipment), 2013–2019, Andon Robotic, (robotic welding systems), 2014–2019, Nordic Business Institute, (education and investigations), 1996 – 1998. Current board positions include the board for BTH and Guitar Tech Sweden AB (automated instrument setup).

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