Samuel Fricker

Samuel Fricker

Senior lecturer

Department of Software Engineering, Room J2339


Dr. Samuel Fricker is an Assistant Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and a Professor of Requirements Engineering at FHNW in Switzerland. Samuel is interested in small products that solve big challenges. He has more than ten years experience as a senior consultant, global process responsible, lecturer, and senior researcher in software product management and requirements engineering. He has worked with companies at any scale, from Startups to Fortune500, and with government agencies such as the European Commission.

Information about current projects and publications:

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Recent publications
Dustin Wüest, Farnaz Fotrousi, Samuel Fricker, "Combining Monitoring and AutonomousFeedback Requests to Elicit Actionable Knowledge of System Use", Programming and Software Engineering - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, EISSN 11412, Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality, 2019
Indira Nurdiani, Jürgen Börstler, Samuel Fricker, Kai Petersen, Panagiota Chatzipetrou, "Understanding the order of agile practice introduction", Journal of Systems and Software, ISSN 0164-1212, EISSN 1873-1228, Vol. 156, pp. 1 - 20, Elsevier Inc., 2019
Indira Nurdiani, Jürgen Börstler, Samuel Fricker, Kai Petersen, "Usage, Retention, and Abandonment of Agile Practices", e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, ISSN 1897-7979, EISSN 2084-4840, Vol. 13, nr 1, pp. 7 - 35, Software Engineering Section of the Committee on Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Wrocław University of Science and Technology., 2019
Indira Nurdiani, Jürgen Börstler, Samuel Fricker, Kai Petersen, "A Preliminary Checklist for Capturing Baseline Situations in Studying the Impacts of Agile Practices Introduction", Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering, ISSN 0270-5257, IEEE-ACM International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry CESI, IEEE Computer Society, 2018
Yuliyan Maksimov, Samuel Fricker, Kurt Tutschku, "Artifact Compatibility for Enabling Collaboration in the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem", Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, ISSN 18651348, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Springer, 2018