Sven Borén

Sven Borén


Department of Strategic Sustainable Development, Room H455

+46 (0) 455-385723


Research for Strategic Sustainable Development of Transport

I am the Head of Department at the department of Strategic Sustainable Development (TISU) and a Sustainability Researcher (PhD) focusing on sustainable development of the transport sector in the SustainTrans research group at TISU. The research is guided by the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) including science based sustainability principles. Check out an 2-minute explanation of Sustainability by the Natural Step.

The focus of the research is to find models, methods and tools for transport systems to accelerate the transition towards full sustainability. By 2016 deliver a roadmap towards sustainability for the continued expansion of EV systems within the region that will involve more stakeholders. I earned a licentiate degree in 2016 and a PhD degree in October 2018, supervised by Henrik NyGöran Broman, and Louise Ödlund.

I have lead courses about Project Management and Energy systems within the Energy Systems for Sustainable Development programme at BTH, and teach about sustainable energy and transport systems within courses about strategic sustainable development.

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