Digital warfare or organized crime

Tid: 16 juni 2020 09:00-09:45
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

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APT3, APT10, APT28, APT41, Sandworm, Energeticbear, Equation Group, Unit 99650 ++  is the name connected to the last year’s trend change, from Anonymus attack to APT’s that use specially composed malware against selected spear pointed targets.

They had developed a calculated CKC, Cyber Kill Chain.

Who is behind those and the Infrastructure attacks we notice in both Europa and the US? Is it organized crime, is it state-funded or both?

The presentation includes an overview starting from 2014 and the attacks in Ukraine when Russia invaded Crimea, describing True Postnord ransomware attack that targets Sweden. Also Wanacry, NotPetya, Medoc to Shadow Brokers leak of ”Vault 7 from NSA to 2019’s  trend of ransomware attacks targeting companies and the US government. Only in 2019, ransomware in the US hit 103 federal, state and municipal agencies, 759 healthcare providers, and 86 schools and universities. The incidents were not merely expensive inconveniences; the disruption they caused put people’s health, safety, and lives at risk. Atalanta spend 2.6 million to restore the system rather than pay  €52000 in ransom, many officials have now decided that it is cheaper to pay the hackers, now the price got higher.
Are Swedish organization prepared?


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