Engineering (in) security in Software-Intensive Products and Services

Tid: 25 maj 2020 09:00-09:45
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

The Professional Masters in Information Security project (PROMIS presents online inspiration seminars on cutting edge topics and areas.

At the end of the seminars we will shortly also discuss and show our new educational initiative, and courses specifically adapted towards the security area FOR industry/working active people looking to further their knowledge in the area. The courses are full university courses but given in a manner so that you can take them on distance without disturbing your work!

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”Engineering (in) security in Software-Intensive Products and Services”

Abstract: The area of security is critical for any company or agency. It is critical for individuals using-, and companies and organizations developing products, services, and infrastructure. This is most obviously seen through failures and news of breaches and revenue loss due to vulnerabilities utilized.

Traditionally security has been seen as large an operational effort.

Protecting, monitoring, fixing vulnerabilities as they are found, tracing, and so on. Albeit operational security being important and critical there are other ways to look at security. This seminar focuses on the potential of ”engineering security” as a complement to operational security – where the knowledge and engineering practices and principles of products and services can be enhanced from a security perspective. This has the potential of working in a more pro-active manner by ”engineering-in” security from the inception of a product/service. We will go over different views on security and the future potential of developing new ways of thinking and working. This is especially important as new products and services become more interconnected and accessible, and emergent behavior can also present new challenges.

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