Experience in setting a software engineering research agenda

Tid: 17 oktober 2016 13:00-14:30

Welcome to attend invited talk with professor Kevin Ryan from Lero and University of Limerick.

Sal: J1650, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona

Anmälan görs på: http://bit.ly/2cN4jwL


Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre – is a collaboration of all the Irish universities, led from the University of Limerick. It was set up to maximise the depth, focus and impact of software engineering research in Ireland by bringing together not just academic researchers but also major industrial partners, both large and small. Given the relatively small scale of all activities in Ireland this shared agenda was essential but how could it be set and how well has it worked? This talk traces the background to the establishment of Lero; the false starts that preceded it and the initial difficulties it encountered. Lero’s research agenda always reflected a tension between academic ambition and industrial practicality. Evaluation panels, funding agencies and political priorities all were influential – sometimes in contradictory ways. In the past 5 years Lero has competed for an won two further rounds of funding and is now well established as part of the international SE research landscape. Reflection on how this happened will include such factors as; national pride; strong social links; key recruits; Lero’s values and, undoubtedly, sheer good fortune. It is expected that attendees will find lessons that can help set their own research agendas within their own unique contexts.

Professor Kevin Ryan is Emeritus Professor of Information Technology at the University of Limerick and was the founding Director of Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre. (www.lero.ie). Lero is a partnership of academic and industrial organisations whose aim is to advance the quality and quantity of software engineering research being conducted in Ireland. Since 2004 Lero has attracted funding of over €120m, mainly from Science Foundation Ireland, and now involves researchers at all the Irish universities with its headquarters at UL. From 1990 to 2004 Kevin Ryan was successively Head of Computer Science, Dean of Informatics and Vice President Academic and Registrar at the University of Limerick. During this period he brought together and led the team that established the Lero centre.  Kevin Ryan holds degrees of BA (Maths & Economics), BAI (Engineering) and PhD (Computer Science) from Trinity College Dublin and is a fellow of both the Irish Computer Society and the Institute of Engineers of Ireland. Over the past 40 years he has lectured and researched on software topics at universities and industry in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Japan, Africa and Sweden. He has been an adviser to the Irish government on the development of the Irish software industry and has acted as consultant to industry and to international funding bodies. He has published papers on software engineering methods and tools, software requirements engineering and on the role of technology in development. He served on the editorial board of 3 journals. He has been a director of a number of start-up software companies. He currently works as a freelance consultant.

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