Frukostseminarium: Attention to hidden factors

Tid: 26 april 2017 08:15-09:00
Plats: Campus Gräsvik

Frukostseminarium med Darja Smite, BTH.

Attention to the hidden factors
Motivated by tremendous salary differences many soft-ware companies, large and small, have jumped on the bandwagon of offshoring. But are cost-savings easy to achieve when offshoring parts of evolving software-intensive systems? How large is the investment to make offshoring work, and how does it cost to control it? In this talk, we will share a story of a small Dutch company and an Indian venedor, focusing on why after five years of collaboration they have not yet reached the break even.

Sal: J1650, Campus Gräsvik

Coffee or tea and sandwich will be served from 08.00.

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