Frukostseminarium: A data-driven approach

Tid: 25 april 2017 08:15-09:00
Plats: Campus Gräsvik

Frukostseminarium med Nauman bin-Ali, BTH.

Experiences from three industrial cases
Due to the unique context of every organization, we recommend use of an inductive approach for software process improvement. In such an approach, we begin with an understanding of the current process using various sources and types of information. Identify major challenges and im-provement opportunities in their specific settings. Assess the potential impact of competing alternatives and the like-lihood of the said alternatives achieving the goals.
In this talk, we will share our experience of using process metrics, information and simulation modelling, and value stream mapping for process improvement in industrial cases.

Sal: J1650, Campus Gräsvik

Coffee or tea and sandwich will be served from 08.00.


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