Frukostseminarium: Testing your tests och Visual GUI Testing

Tid: 30 mars 2017 08:15-09:00
Plats: Campus Gräsvik

Frukostseminarium med Simon Poulding och Emil Alégroth, BTH.

Testing your tests
The approach of mutation testing is to make small changes to the software system and then create, tests that identify these changes. But viewed another way, the same approach is mutation analysis: a mechanism for determining how effective and efficient your tests are, even when historic fault data is not available for this purpose. The ability to ’test’ your tests in this way, and then act on the results to improve them, is important when today’s software systems — and the resources needed to test them — become ever more large and complex.

Visual GUI Testing
Automated image recognition-based System- and Acceptance testing The software development market is heading towards a paradigm shift where more of the development process is automated. Many automated test techniques exist but primarily automate lower-level test activities. On a GUI-level of abstraction there is still a lack of tools and techniques that can be used to emulate and replace the human tester. In this presentation a new technique called Visual GUI Testing is presented that uses image recognition and scenario-based scripts that is a candidate to address the industrial needs.

Sal: J1650, Campus Gräsvik

Coffee or tea and sandwich will be served from 08.00.


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