Internationell workshop: modern group analysis and applications

Tid: 4 november 2019-5 november 2019 (heldag)
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Blekinge Institute of Technology and Laboratory «GAMMETT» Ufa State Aviation Technical University, in Russia are organizing a joint international workshop dedicated to the memory of professor Nail H. Ibragimov.

The workshop will take place on the 4–5 of November, 2019 and will embrace the following topics:

  • Modern trends in developing of group analysis of differential and integro-differential equations,
  • Application of group theoretic approach to investigation of mathematical modells arising in various fields of natural sciences and technology.

The memorial part of the Workshop will take place in the room G340 the 4th November,  at 13-15 o’clock.

  • Prof. Inna Emelyanova (USA) “Who was and remains for us Nail H. Ibragimov”.
  • Prof. Rafail Gazizov (Ufa, Russia) “Professor N.H. Ibragimov’s school in USATU: from past to future”.

Scientific talks will be presented in Lövsalen in the library the 4th November at 10-12 and the 5th November at 8.30-12 o’clock.

There are the following talks:

  • Prof. Stephen Anco (Canada) “From conservation laws to exact solutions – extension of a method by N.H. Ibragimov”
  • Prof. Vitalii A. Baikov (Ufa, Russia) “Conjugating models of geology, geophysics and hydrodynamics in petroleum engineering”
  • Prof. Maria S. Bruzón (Spain) “Lie symmetries and exact solutions of the inhomogeneous Fisher-Kolmogorov equation”
  • Aliia A. Gainetdinova (Ufa, Russia) “Integration of third-order ordinary differential equations admitting three-dimensional Lie algebras of generators”
  • Prof. Maria Luz Gandarias (Spain) “Travelling wave solutions through conservation laws for some partial differential   equations”
  • Elena N. Karimova (Ufa, Russia) “Symmetry properties for the fractional differential generalized Rapoport-Leas equations”
  • Dr. Alexey A. Kasatkin (Ufa, Russia) “Symmetry reductions of 3D anomalous diffusion equation admitting projective transformations”
  • Salavat Khabirov (Ufa, Russia) “Stationary plane vortex submodel of ideal gas”
  • Vladimir F. Kovalev (Moscow, Russia) “Approximate symmetries in relativistic light beam self-focusing problem” has been accepted and included in the   program of the international workshop “
  • Asghar Qadir (Pakistan) “Complex Methods for Differential Equations”


Please notify if you want to attend the workshop, or any  part of it, no later than October 31.

If you have any questions about talks please do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee by the e-mail:




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