Ransomware vs. AI. Part 1 – Overview of AV Bypassing Techniques Used in Targeted Ransomware Attacks

Tid: 10 juni 2020 09:00-09:45
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

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”Ransomware vs. AI. Part 1 – Overview of AV Bypassing Techniques Used in Targeted Ransomware Attacks.”

A modern cybersecurity solution cannot be imagined without using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for detecting cyberattacks. In this regard, two main approaches are typically used: finding patterns of known cyberattacks and anomaly detection for unknown ones.

Therefore, to bypass anti-malware protection, attackers invest their efforts into changing the behavior to break the existing detection pattern. Moreover, they try to mimic benign application form and behavior to not being discovered as an anomaly. For example, we’ll consider tactics and techniques used in the well-known targeted ransomware attacks happened last year in LockerGoga, MegaCortex, Buran, and Ryuk ransomware to reduce the footprint in a victim’s system that includes the usage of digital signature, multiprocess encryption, and replacing Microsoft CryptoAPI with hardcoded open-source crypto code.


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