Ransomware vs. AI. Part 2 – Bypassing Ransomware Protection with Reinforcement Learning

Tid: 19 augusti 2020 09:00-09:45
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

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“Ransomware vs. AI. Part 2 – Bypassing Ransomware Protection with Reinforcement Learning”

Reinforcement learning is a well-known concept used in the gaming industry, mostly in real-time strategies, to support computer players with AI. It is also known that AlphaGo, a computer program designed by DeepMind, has been recognized as the best Go and chess player in the world. The algorithm was trained by playing with human players as well as with other instances of itself to improve its play.

So, what if we use RL in Security Testing to discover vulnerabilities in products and weaknesses in defense? To prove that hypothesis, we applied RL to run ransomware simulation that can learn how to bypass anti-ransomware protection. We’ll present our results in the presentation.


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