Small bugs and big security problems

Tid: 4 juni 2020 09:00-09:45
Plats: BTH Campus Gräsvik

The Professional Masters in Information Security project (PROMIS presents online inspiration seminars on cutting edge topics and areas.

At the end of the seminars we will shortly also discuss and show our new educational initiative, and courses specifically adapted towards the security area FOR industry/working active people looking to further their knowledge in the area. The courses are full university courses but given in a manner so that you can take them on distance without disturbing your work!

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”Small bugs and big security problems”

Even skilled programmers can unintentionally create bugs. Most are caught and fixed during development, others escape into the wild. Many bugs are just an annoyance that interfere with the workflow of the users and lowers their productivity. However, there are some bugs that are far more dangerous because they can be exploited for malicious purposes, such as hijacking systems, destroying data and exfiltrating information. The effects can go beyond annoyance and lost productivity, extending to reputation damage, financial losses, harm to IPRs and unintended engagement in unlawful online activities. This seminar focuses on exploitable bugs. It dives into the causes for their appearance and provides a glimpse into how far they can be exploited. Furthermore, a demo will be given to exemplify an approach for exploiting a specific type of bugs referred to as buffer overflow.

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