Blekinge Institute of Technology

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the Department of industrial economics and management

Our vision and desire is to develop and offer education that is relevant in a modern information society. The fact that we are part of a technical institute gives us access to deep technical knowledge and the unique opportunity to specialize in information technology within our education.

The School of Management's programs, courses and research are developed with the future societal, social management and information technology changes in mind. Thus preparing our students with the skills and knowledge they need to 'make it' in their industry.

Our programs and courses are in the fields of: industrial economics, business administration, economics, regional economics, commercial law, education, sociology, psychology.

We have a variety of programs and individual courses available at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level. Many of which can be taken either on campus or online.

Our Research is focused upon - 'Innovation processes in information economies' - and is conducted across several relevant fields of economics, business administration with specific references to sociology and psychology. The largest research group being within the business and economics field. Research is also conducted in the sociology and occupational science fields, with the latter research focusing on IT, change and learning.


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