Jürgen Börstler – Supplementary materials

Jürgen Börstler - Supplementary materials

Readability of OO example programs (Beauty and The Beast; SRES)

  • Pogje (executable jar-file)
    A program that computes various measurements for Java classes, among others average word length (AWL) and average sentence length (ASL) which are used to compute SRES (Software Readability Ease Score).
  • Nadeem Abbas’ Master thesis (pdf)
    This Master thesis describes the counting rules used in the computation of AWL and ASL. It also contains a brief user guide for Pogje. Please cite as Nadeem Abbas: Properties of ”Good” Java Examples. Master thesis. Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. 2010.
  • List of example programs (pdf)
    A list of the example textbook programs that are used in several quality evaluations.

Role of method chains and comments in software readability and comprehension (experiment)

  • Code snippets (pdf)
    Document showing all variants of the 5 code snippets used in the experiment. Gaps for the cloze tests are marked.
  • Survey questions (pdf)
    A dump of all questions from the tool ”Limeservice”.
  • Data (Excel doc)
    An Excel worksheet with the data from all completed answers.
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