The whistleblower procedure


BTH sees whistleblowing as an important tool for detecting serious work-related abuses and for investigating and remedying them.

If you suspect, see or receive information that something illegal or criminal has happened at BTH – report this by whistleblowing!

What can be reported?


An irregularity is a deliberate act, performed by one or more employees in order to obtain an advantage for the person or persons performing the act or someone else that may cause material harm or loss to the university.

It could be a financial loss or damage of trust. It can also be theft, vandalism, fraud, breach of trust, unlawful threats, forgery of documents, data breach, misconduct, receiving bribes, not following procurement rules or authorization orders and not reporting outside activity.


A crime is an act under the Criminal Code, carried out by a student, an unknown or external person, that is directed against the university. For example, it can be about theft, vandalism, fraud, unlawful threats, threats against an official, data breach and giving a bribe.

Doesn’t that fit what you want to whistleblow?

If what you suspect or received information about does not match what is described above, what you suspect should be reported to your immediate manager or the manager of the person you suspect instead

How to report it

How and when to whistleblow

You can blow the whistle by:

  • email:
  • regular letter mail: Whistleblowing, Blekinge Institute of Technology, 371 79 Karlskrona.

If you prefer to whistleblow verbally, you can do so to your immediate supervisor or to appointed investigators at a meeting.

If none of the above options feel relevant to you, you can whistleblow through publication by contacting the media.

You may remain anonymous when whistleblowing. Remember that an anonymous whistleblowing can be difficult to investigate and reconnect.

What happens after you blow the whistle

After you blow the whistle, an initial assessment is made to see what type of whistleblowing it is. If it concerns a misconduct, an investigation is started. If it is the case that you have not whistleblown anonymously, it may be that you are part of the investigation to understand what has happened and how it should be remedied.