In case of an emergency

In case of Emergency

In case of an emergency – dial 112 to alert the ambulance service, fire brigade or police.

Addresses Campus Karlskrona

Buildings H and J
Sökvägen 10, Karlskrona

Buildings A, C, D and G
Valhallavägen 1, Karlskrona

Address Campus Karlshamn

Biblioteksgatan 4, Karlshamn


Campus Karlskrona

  • Building J, first floor, by the microwave ovens
  • Building H, third floor, by the coffee machine
  • Building H, Department of Health, fifth floor
  • Building D, Länken, at the entrance
  • Building G, basement floor, by the wellness room
  • The wellness room, Campus Gräsvik 26

Campus Karlshamn

  • Building A, first floor, at the Reception
  • Building B, first floor, next to the elevator

In case of fire

  • Warn and rescue anyone in danger.
  • Alert the rescue services – dial 112.
  • Extinguish the fire.
  • Evacuate the premises, close the doors. Do not use the elevators.
  • Direct people to the assembly point.
  • When the rescue services arrive, the incident commander takes over.

The incident commander decides when it’s safe to re-enter the premises.

Urgent property matters during evenings/nights

For urgent matters (leakage, alarm, broken windows and doors etc) at night or on the weekends, contact the building supervisor:

On-call building supervisor Karlskrona:
Day time: +46 (0)455-30 33 90
Out of hours: +46 (0)455-30 51 51

On-call building supervisor Karlshamn:
Day time 07:30–16:30:
+46 (0)454-811 67, Marie Svanberg

Out of hours: +46 (0)454-819 00

For non-emergencies
For non-emergencies concerning premises, equipment and suchlike, report the problem to

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