Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, TIMN

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is one of six departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

Head of Department: Vanja Lindberg
Department coordinator: Lena Brandt Gustafsson


Advanced sustainable products and services are often based on mathematical model-based innovations. In the field of mathematics and systems engineering we combine depth of scientific research in mathematics, statistics and physics with a strong applied research in areas such as radar technology, remote sensing, traffic research and health technology. Mathematical modeling is the core of these projects.

Our research projects have funding from e.g. the Knowledge Foundation, the European Union, the Swedish Transport Agency, the Crafoord Foundation, the municipality of Karlshamn and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Our research is done in collaboration with for example Saab EDS, RUAG Space Agency, FOI, Netport Science Park AB, Sweco, Blekinge County Council, University of Gothenburg, Linnaeus University, University West, Mälardalen University and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil).

Examples of various research projects are:

Novel image inversion algorithms based on Doppler measurements for security and climate monitoring

Methodology for impact assessment of road user charging for heavy vehicles. – A project within the Arena platform

Tentacle – Capitalising on the TEN-T core network corridors for growth and cohesion.

• One-sided and two-sided nil-ideals in skew group rings.

• Radio occulation inversion methods.

• Modeling and optimization of systems.



The department’s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.

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