International BTH

International BTH

We offer an international environment and an open atmosphere, where it is possible to create contacts and build networks. Our degree programmes and doctoral studies are all involved in many international collaborations.

BTH has agreements with universities around the world and there are approximately 600 international students currently studying at BTH. We also welcome free mover students, who apply to BTH and organise their studies on their own.

Our agreements

BTH has agreements with around 100 European higher education institutions and 35 collaborations outside of Europe. This means BTH has agreements with higher education institutions in most parts of the world.

You can find a list of the higher education institutions with agreements with BTH here.
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Erasmus Policy Statement       Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Exchange studies

Each year we welcome many students from all over the world. The most common is that our incoming exchange students from our partner universities study for one semester or two semesters, but we also have some agreements that allow exchange students to study at BTH for two years.

Learn more about exchange studies at BTH here.

European University Alliance

BTH is part of the Bauhaus4EU consortium, a European universities alliance.

The Bauhaus4EU is a network of ten higher education institutions collaborating closely in various and innovative cooperation formats and channels shaping the future of teaching, learning, research and innovation.

Learn more about Bauhaus4EU.

Studying or internships abroad


As an Erasmus student, you will be able to study or take part in an internship or study abroad in another EU/EEA country for a period lasting three to 12 months. You can still receive your student finance from CSN while you are abroad, and you are also entitled to an Erasmus grant. The Erasmus exchange builds on partnership agreements between European higher education institutions. BTH currently has agreements with around 70 partner universities. The credits you earn while you are abroad can be included in your degree. If you choose to take part in an internship or write your degree project at a business or organisation, this can also be included in your degree.

Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education


The Nordplus programme gives students the opportunity to study or participate in an internship in another Nordic or Baltic country. Usually, your department will be linked to a Nordplus network, often in a particular subject area. The network will enable you to participate in an exchange with one of the Nordic higher education institutions involved in the collaboration.

The Department of Health at BTH is linked to the Nordhelse network, which is a collaboration between six higher education institutions in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. It focuses on healthcare, medicine and clinical skills.


Nordtek is a student exchange network between universities of technology in the Nordic countries. The exchange is only available for students on the engineering or architecture degree programmes. To be eligible for the grant, students must have completed 120 credits and be at the end of their programme. The courses taken abroad will replace the equivalent courses at BTH.

Bilateral agreements

If you are interested in studying outside of Europe, BTH has collaboration agreements with a number of higher education institutions in countries such as the USA, Japan, Thailand, China and India. If you study abroad as part of a bilateral exchange you will be exempt from tuition fees at their host university. You can also apply for additional student finance for studies abroad from CSN.

We also offer a “double diploma” collaboration with a number of our partner universities as part of our bilateral agreements. The double diploma agreement gives you the chance to study at one of our partner universities. Once you graduate, you will receive two degrees – a degree certificate from BTH and one from the partner university.
Some of the programmes have been financed with funds from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.

For more information, read Sweden’s recovery plan (in Swedish)


International Student Guide

The International Student Guide includes all the crucial steps you must take to become a student here at Blekinge Institute of Technology, with tailored information for all our international students, including exchange students, free mover students, and double degree (agreement) students.

International Student Guide