Student life

Student life

Being a student includes so much more than just studying. Even if the programme is full-time, there are many hours left to fill with other activities, such as getting involved with the Student Union, meeting new friends and experiencing the city as well as other places in Sweden and Europe. Our proximity to Europe makes it easy to visit many countries without having to travel very far. Take the ferry to Poland, the bus to Norway or Finland, or why not the train to Denmark and Germany? The possibilities are endless.

We hope that you will find your time here in Karlskrona rewarding and that you have the time to, not only excel in your studies but also to experience memories that will last for a lifetime.


The city of Karlskrona – In the middle of the archipelago

The Unesco World Heritage City of Karlskrona is surrounded by many islands and the sea is always present. You can experience nature on land and at sea which allows for kayaking, long-distance skating, hiking, diving and more. The city also has a great naval history. In 1680, the city was founded by the Swedish King Karl XI who decided that he wanted to build Sweden’s new naval base here. This becomes evident when wandering around the island of Trossö with all of the great and well-preserved architecture. For more information, visit Visit Karlskrona and Visit Blekinge.

Study Environments and Library

There are many places to study and hang out on campus, such as the library. Here, you can get help finding literature and research, borrow books and book group rooms. There are also a number of other study places around campus.


On campus Karlskrona, we have different dining options to choose from. At Bistro J, you can buy lunch, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Please visit their website for information about opening hours.

There is also a dining area called Oasen where you can bring your pre-cooked food and heat in one of the microwaves. Around campus, you will also find vending machines and coffee machines.

And if you fancy a quick fika, you can visit The Student Unions café KÅRCAFÉ during their opening hours.

Bild på disken på Bistro J

Blekinge Student Union – by students, for students

Blekinge Student Union is run by students, for students. They work actively to organise a variety of different types of events so that you can take part in and even get involved in organising them yourself. They also work with education monitoring, student influence and other important issues.

At the beginning of March, the Student Union welcomes all students to visit BAM (Blekinge Labour Market Day) where you as a student can meet and connect with various companies. Perhaps a future employer or a place where you can do your final thesis?

On Campus Karlskrona, you find Villan Student Pub. To get free entrance to the pub, you must hold a Blekinge student union membership. If you are not a member, you can enter by paying the entrance fee. Membership to the Blekinge Student Union gives you, in addition to free entry to the pub, a range of benefits such as discounted prices at events, discounts at various companies and much more.

The union also has a student representative who can help you in several different matters if you encounter problems during your studies.

The student union has its reception next to the library on Campus Karlskrona. Just around the corner from their office, you can buy fika (if you are not familiar with the Swedish term, this means a coffee or tea that you often have with a cinnamon roll, but can include other types of snacks.)


Blekinge Student Union Website