Student life

Student life

Being a student is more than just studying. It’s also about friends and new experiences. As a student, you can take part in a lot of different social activities.

Both of BTH’s campuses are located by the sea, which creates a special atmosphere. On campus there are of course lecture halls and libraries, but also restaurants and cafes, student housing, a students’ union, and the unique opportunity to swim in the sea; in other words – an inspiring study environment.

Two Campuses in the South-Eastern part of Sweden

BTH is located in the southeast of Sweden in the county of Blekinge – also called “The Garden of Sweden”. Our campuses in Karlskrona and Karlshamn are both located at the waterfront by the Baltic Sea.


Karlskrona has an amazing environment – at the centre of the archipelago – where the proximity to the sea gives the opportunity for sailing, sea kayaking, scuba diving or fishing during the summer and long-distance ice skating or ice yacht sailing during the winter.

The city has a marine history, represented by the ubiquitous archipelago and various forms of naval activities. Karlskrona is considered to be so unique that UNESCO has placed the city on the World Heritage List.


In Karlshamn there are plenty of charming pedestrian streets, shopping and cosy cafes, pubs, restaurants, as well as plenty of theatre and music. The focus of the business community here includes digital experiences and intelligent logistics. Several of the businesses within digital experimental were founded by former BTH students.

Water is a salient feature in Karlshamn. The city is located right by the sea and a chance to experience nature is never far away. A bit to the west is the river Mörrumsån offering opportunities for exciting salmon fishing, and the inlands offer southern Swedish deciduous forests interspersed with lakes and streams.

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