Student support

Student support

Studying in a new academic and cultural environment can be exciting, challenging and a bit overwhelming. We have a number of support functions where the staff will support you during your studies. If you feel ill or can’t quite keep up with your studies and need a little extra study support, you are welcome to contact them. 

During the semester, the staff who work with student support are usually in the corridors at certain times, so that you can easily ask questions and make contact.

Studying with a disability

BTH is an open university, accessible to all. If you have a disability we can provide you with educational support during your studies.

It is important that you contact us as soon as you have been offered a place on your programme. This allows us to arrange appropriate educational support in time for the start of your courses.


Lena Wikström
Coordinator for educational support
Phone: 0455-38 52 11

You can read more about educational support on the Student Portal.

General study counselling

The study counsellors can give guidance and information about university studies at BTH.

Read more and find contact information.

Conversational support

A supportive conversation can be about personal difficulties or something in your study situation. Sometimes it is difficult to see solutions and then it can be good to talk to someone.

There is both a therapist and a counsellor. Read more on the Student portal.

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