Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

BTH’s quality assurance system has been designed to support staff and students’ work with developing BTH as a hub of research and education. The system must ensure that BTH complies with the requirements and objectives stipulated in national rules, regulations and recommendations and that the university’s quality assurance targets are met.

The quality assurance system comprises research, education and the organisation’s conditions.

The university conducts regular follow-ups with the aim of identifying where there is a need for development, skills strengthening and infrastructure changes. Each follow-up is part of a one, two or three-year cycle. It involves collecting supporting documentation and pursuing a dialogue between those responsible and university management. The follow-ups result in new or updated action plans.

In addition, the university conducts regular external audits in three or six-year cycles. The purpose is to generate benchmarking of the organisation based on the perspective of external experts.


QU-1 Course follow-up

QU-2a Programme follow-up and development

QU-2b Follow-up of General syllabuses

QU-3 Follow up and revision of individual study plans

QU-4 Follow up of educational development

QU-5 Follow-up of student influence

QU-6 Educational support follow-up and development

QU-7a External audit: Evaluation of courses and programmes

QU-7b External audit: Evaluation of third-cycle studies


QF-1 Follow-up of how faculties allocate funding

QF-2 Follow-up of good research practice

QF-3 Research support follow-up and development

QF-4 External audit: Assessment of research domains

Organisational conditions

QV-1 Follow-up and development of full environment

QV-2 Follow-up of skills provision

QV-3 Follow-up on premises available and joint infrastructure

QV-4 External audit – Thematic evaluation

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