BTH an institute of technology with a focus on IT and sustainability

Why BTH?

Studenter utanför BTH


Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth.

BTH conducts education and research at a high international level in which engineering and IT are integrated with other disciplines such as spatial planning, industrial economics, design and health sciences to contribute to solving the challenges facing society.

Everything we do has three distinct perspectives: innovation, sustainability and in real life, which means collaboration and exchange with both business and industry as well as society.

What distinguishes BTH is its close cooperation with industry and society which permeates both education and research at the regional, national and international levels.


Study in Sweden from A to Z

Byggnader och studenter


Our goal is that our courses and programmes will give students opportunities to build a career within their chosen field. Therefore, our focus is not only on what happens during the studies, but also what happens after.

Many of our courses and programmes include student projects tied to real life demands and conducted together with industry. This way, the students will gain insight into their future profession and contacts with potential future employers already during their studies.

BTH makes the most of being a small university. Our students quickly get to know one another, and the study groups are small. Students can easily get in contact with teaching staff and other employees. This creates a rewarding, interesting and safe study environment. Our teaching staff conduct research which strengthens and keeps their skills up to date in the area in which they teach.




What distinguishes BTH is its close cooperation with industry and society which permeates both education and research at the regional, national and international levels. 

It is of great importance that research and education is conducted in cooperation with community stakeholders, which increases the students’ connections to professional life during their studies and makes the students become more attractive on the labour market.

When we cooperate with surrounding society we can better contribute to solving the challenges facing society.



BTH conducts a considerable amount of research. Today, research and research studies account for one third of our activities. Research is conducted at two faculties within the fields of engineering, IT, spatial planning, industrial economics and health sciences, all connected under the profile of applied IT, which researchers approach from different perspectives.

BTH is world-leading in at least a couple of its research fields.

Our research is applied, i.e. it is to search for new knowledge with a specific application in mind. In addition, we often conduct our research projects in cooperation with wider society and always with a clear focus – that the research results will contribute to solutions to society’s challenges. The research is also to ensure that the students’ education is of a high scientific standard why teachers also conduct research.

Films about BTH

Information about BTH

In this film you get information about BTH and our two campuses located in Karlskrona and in Karlshamn.

Student life at BTH

To be a student at BTH is more than just studying. It´s also about friends and activities.

Interview with a student at BTH

Krishna Varaynya from India is studying Masters in Telecommunication systems at BTH.

Interview with a student at BTH

Venu Gopal from India is doing his Masters in Signal Processing at BTH.