BTH Research and Education Clinic inaugurated by Minister

Anna Tenje inviger klinik

Since the BTH Research and Education clinic was started four years ago, development has been quick. In a short time, the clinic has become a hub for research, education and development of the care of the future. Today, floor two of the clinic, which focuses on home health care, is being inaugurated.

The interest from healthcare and students and companies has meant that the unique health clinic at BTH needs to grow. Now the clinic has doubled in size and floor two of it is being inaugurated today by the Minister for Older People and Social Security, Anna Tenje.

At BTH, research is conducted in applied health technology and the focus is on elderly care. The national SNAC project (Swedish National Study on Aging and Care) is conducted from the clinic, in addition to several vaccination studies.

“Now we are moving the boundaries in terms of the clinic’s focus. We are moving from hospital care to care in a home environment. On the second floor of the clinic, we have built an apartment with advanced simulation possibilities where students can try home care in a home environment”, says Johan Sanmartin Berglund, professor of applied health technology.

Today, the Minister for Older People and Social Security, Anna Tenje, visited BTH to see and to inaugurate the new premises. In the new premises, there are, among other things, advanced simulation possibilities for practice in nursing and advanced home health care, a physiology lab and a health clinic run by students.

“This type of research is incredibly important. More and more people are living longer and staying healthier. But we all need help and support to be able to stay longer at home. To find welfare technology that can complement those who work in care is important. BTH is far ahead in this area”, she said.

5 February 2024

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