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Innovation within sports tech – focus in new project

Publicerad: 2020-07-01

To tackle the major public health challenges such as lifestyle diseases and an aging population while creating the conditions for regional innovation and growth, an investment in the field of health and sports technology is being made with BTH at the forefront. The project, which starts July 1, is called the Health and Sports Technology […]

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Students invented movable glove factory

Publicerad: 2020-06-24

Being self-sufficient on healthcare items, such as disposable gloves, would facilitate healthcare. Now, BTH’s students have developed a movable glove factory that can be moved between different places where gloves are needed. During the corona pandemic, the lack of personal protective equipment e.g. protective gloves has been known. Although global production has increased by 40 […]

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Thank you for choosing BTH

Publicerad: 2020-06-12

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, wants to thank you for choosing BTH as the university for your studies and we wish you good luck in your future career. – I hope the time here at BTH has been rewarding and I hope you are ready for future challenges. I wish you the best of luck […]

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BTH top student is awarded Global Swede

Publicerad: 2020-06-01

BTH Master’s student Rahul Reddy Katikireddy is awarded the Global Swede Award – an award given to the international students with outstanding performance in academics and exhibited high degree creativity and innovation and proven to be excellent representatives for both Sweden and their own country. Rahul Reddy is a student of Master of Science in […]

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Vice-Chancellor gets Sustained Impact Award

Publicerad: 2020-05-14

BTH’s Vice-Chancellor Mats Viberg is rewarded the International Association of IEEE for his article “Two Decades of Array Signal Processing Research: The Parametric Approach”. The prize is awarded for the impact the article has had on developments in the research area. At a prize ceremony that was broadcast last week, and thus could be followed […]

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Simulates cyberattacks to find countermeasures

Publicerad: 2020-05-06

We can be of great benefit in the prevention of attacks and sabotage in vital societal functions, it is an important research contribution, says Dragos Ilie, researcher in computer science and IT security. Increasing computing power and the number of interconnected functions – many opportunities but unfortunately also risks of malicious attacks. Dragos Ilie conducts research in computer […]

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BTH Professor member of Swedish Ethical Review Authority

Publicerad: 2020-04-22

Lisa Skär, professor of nursing at BTH, is a new member of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority, whose mission is to safeguard man in research, among other things by conducting ethical examinations of research on people. – It is a very honorable assignment that is in line with the research I do in nursing and […]

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BTH Professor affiliated to the council for sustainable cities

Publicerad: 2020-04-16

BTH Professor Göran Broman is one of twelve sustainability experts in the newly established research and innovation group that is now tied to the Government’s Council for Sustainable Cities. The purpose of the group is to promote sustainable urban development and to strengthen the link between research and practice. -The assignment feels very honorable and […]

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BTH researchers to head global interest group

Publicerad: 2020-03-26

BTH researcher and associate professor Marco Bertoni, is to head a global special interest group in Product-Service Systems research. Its objective is to facilitate the mutual interaction between the community of design researchers and industry. BTH researchers Marco Bertoni and Tobias Larsson are now the chairs of a new Special Interest Group with focus on […]

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BTH exclusive guest at Indian university conclave

Publicerad: 2020-03-19

BTH participated as an exclusive international guest at the Vice-chancellor’s conclave of all India technological universities that was recently held at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. India’s education leaders and heads of the apex (regulatory and accrediting) bodies in the scene of Indian higher education, Vice-chancellors from sixty-five technical universities, and […]

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