Vice-Chancellor welcomes new international students

Publicerad: 2019-02-04

Today, all new international students gathered at BTH. Vice-Chancellor Mats Viberg was there to give them a warm welcome. The Indian students come from the universities that BTH collaborates with and the students will be studying at one of BTH’s four master’s programmes. More than 80 students from BTH’s collaborative universities in India who are now […]

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BTH professor is honoured in well-reputed scientific journal

Publicerad: 2019-01-24

BTH professor Claes Wohlin is honoured in the international scientific journal Information and Software Technology. It is his solid work as editor of the journal and his contributions to software engineering research that is highlighted in a special issue. At the same time, he is appointed the journal’s first editor emeritus. Information and Software Technology […]

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Late application for autumn Master’s programmes

Publicerad: 2019-01-08

BTH has seven international degree programmes that are open for applications for studies beginning in autumn 2019. Our international degree programmes are: Master’s Programme in Computer Science 120 credits Master’s Programme in Telecommunication Systems 120 credits Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering –  Structural Mechanics 120 credits Master’s Programme in Software Engineering 120 credits Master’s Programme […]

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Successful research continues

Publicerad: 2018-12-21

Since 2013, BTH has been focusing on innovative product development research. Now, the KK Foundation and cooperation companies are investing additional funds in order for the successful research to continue and further develop. – Together with our business partners, we have built a strong profile in innovative product development focusing on sustainable solutions for the […]

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30-year-old mathematical hypothesis disproved

Publicerad: 2018-12-11

A research collaboration between BTH, University West and the University of Santander in Colombia has led to a new discovery in mathematics. The discovery concerns separable algebras and their gradations. “It is a great feeling to be able to produce counter-examples, and thereby prove something that three of the world’s foremost algebra researchers did not […]

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Young engineers start their careers at BTH

Publicerad: 2018-12-07

The Indian students Venkata Sai and Chandrasekhar is a part of the brand new 3+1 programme at BTH. They arrived in Sweden during late summer to complete their studies in mechanical engineering at BTH. After graduation, they would like to work within the European motor industry. The demand for engineers in both Europe and Sweden […]

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New arrivals with engineering skills are matched to the IT industry’s needs

Publicerad: 2018-11-27

The IT industry has a great need for workforce, while many recently arrived immigrants with engineering skills find it difficult to find work. Now they are matched via a new project at BTH called Match IT. About 15 students were admitted to the project and they have been studying at BTH since September this year. […]

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Successful research on innovative product development

Publicerad: 2018-11-21

Since 2013, one of BTH´s focus area in research has been on innovative product development. Now after five years, an initial evaluation has been made and the results are very positive – the researchers have been active and it is high quality of scientific production. In order to enhance the competitiveness of Swedish industry and […]

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BTH top-ranked in software engineering research

Publicerad: 2018-11-06

BTH is among the world’s most outstanding universities in software engineering research. BTH ranked sixth in the world and first in Europe regarding the number of publications in leading journals in the field. Software engineering is becoming increasingly relevant in society due to digitalisation, and BTH has long had a top position in the field of […]

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Expanded student exchange with Chinese university

Publicerad: 2018-10-30

Today, representatives of the Shanghai Polytechnic University, SSPU, visit BTH to discuss an expanded cooperation in student exchange between the two universities. During the day, a number of representatives from the Chinese university in Shanghai met professors, teachers and staff responsible for student exchanges at BTH. The purpose of the Chinese visit is to have […]

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