Documenting your eligibility

The first steps of the application process are creating a user account at, searching for courses and programmes, and submitting an electronic admissions application. After this has been completed, the next step is to document your eligibility for the courses and programmes you have applied for. Depending on which programme you have applied at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), you need to submit various documentation. Please check the following links in order to submit correct documents.

Documentation requirements for Master’s studies

We do not have any Bachelor programmes with English as language of instruction.

In addition please remember to always read course/programme description in order to find out if any specific requirements are needed for the course/programme you are interested in!

Submitting application documents

Most applicants can upload and submit their documents. You can also use the postal service or a delivery service. Find out how best to get your documents to University Admissions. Make sure that you check if there are any specific requirements for your country.

You do not need to send any documents to us directly.

Bringing documents

Students that are in their last year of their Bachelors studies, and have been conditionally admitted, must be able to show that they meet the entry requirements at the beginning of the semester.

Note! Application documents that are sent to University Admissions postal address are kept at this address, not at BTH.

Documents submitted after deadline

If you have made your application on time, but submit documents that verifies your eligibility after the deadline, your application will be considered as made on the date that you submitted the last document that made you eligible to the course or programme. This will only be possible if the course or programme is still open for late application. Should the course or programme not be open for late application, your application will be deleted.

Submitting other documents than academic records

If you need to submit work certificates or a CV this will be a part of the entry requirement to the programme. If there are no such requirement you do not need to submit any of these documents.

All documents should be submitted to your account at Universityadmissions, you should not send any directly to us.

When you submit a work certificate it is important that it is signed by your employer or HR department at the company. You can not sign your own work certificate. A CV is not enough to prove your work experience.

Documents sent by post

The easiest and fastest way to submit documents is to upload them to your account at Make sure that you check if there are any specific requirements for your country.

If you need to send documents via regular post, you send them to the following address:

PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-190 81 Rosersberg

Address for documents sent by a delivery service

This address can only be used for documents sent via FedEx, DHL and other delivery services. Documents sent using the postal service or registered mail to this address will not reach us.

PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden, 070 651 15 01
Järngatan 11
Kaj 21-25
SE-195 95 Rosersberg

You will not be notified when your supporting documents have arrived. Instead, you can follow your status on if you log in to your account.

Will application documents be returned?

Normally no documents submitted with your application will be returned, which is why you should never send your originals to Universityadmissions’ postal address: University Admissions in Sweden. Instead, your documents should be official documents sent from your university or copies certified by a Notary Public.

Only in case of an Admission officer requesting your original documents, will these be returned.

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