Applying to BTH

Application process

Before you apply, please read the prerequisites and the admission criteria of each programme you are interested in.

You can find Course/Programme descriptions on the following link:

List of BTH’s programmes given in English

You can apply to our programmes by choosing Apply-button on each programme description or by using the following online application.

Online application for BTH:s courses and programmes at

Please read about the whole application process at

Entry requirements

In order to be eligible for admission you have to fulfill general and specific admission requirements for programmes you are interested in.

Information about master’s level application requirements

The application requirements can differ from programme to programme, why we recommend that you read the course/programme description for each programme you are interested in for more information about the entry requirements.

We do not have any Bachelor’s programmes with English as language of instruction.

English language requirements

In order to be eligible for university studies in Sweden, you have to demonstrate that you meet the English requirements for the course or programme you wish to apply for.

Read more about English language requirements on


Unfinished degree

If your degree is not finished but you are in your final term you can still apply for most of our Master’s programmes. If this is the case you submit documents as instructed at; a transcript of records of the terms you have finished and a registration certificate showing which courses you are studying during your final year/term, to your application at

Note, that when you arrive at BTH you MUST show your degree certificate as proof that you have finished your university studies. If you have not received your final degree certificate you must show a provisional one. All documents must be in original or certified photocopies.

Please note that the following programme requires a finished degree for admission:

  •   MBA Programme

Conditionally admitted via

All applicants who have applied to our Master programmes before they have finished their Bachelor’s degrees may be conditionally admitted. When arriving to BTH all conditionally admitted students have to prove that they have completed their Bachelor programmes and obtained a Bachelor’s degree, otherwise they will not be allowed to start the programmes they have been admitted to.

Students who are required to pay tuition fees will also be listed as ’conditionally admitted’ on their admission letter. Your status will still be listed as ’conditionally admitted’ even after you’ve paid the tuition fee. This is because University Admissions’ computer system cannot record when a student has paid the first installment of their tuition fee to their university.

Deferment of your studies

If you have been admitted to a programme at BTH, but there are extenuating circumstances and you are not able to start your studies, at the prescribed time, you may apply for deferment. Most international programmes at Blekinge Institute of Technology only start once every year, in autumn (late August/early September). This means that it will not be possible to defer to spring studies.

There are specific guidelines in Sweden and at BTH regarding the grounds for deferral. BTH can approve deferment of studies in individual cases if there are special grounds . These grounds are related to medical situations, legal requirements or other unforeseen situations that make it impossible for you to start your studies as planned. The coronavirus situation is not in itself a ground for deferral. Not being able to pay your tuition fee is not considered a special ground.

In order to apply for deferment the following is required:

  • You must be admitted to a program at BTH
  • The tuition fee has to be paid, if you are eligible to pay tuition fee
  • A copy of the admission letter must be attached to the application
  • Reasons for deferment must be clearly stated and confirmed with a certificate (eg. medical statement)

You can read more on the following site Deferment of studies.

If your application is approved, the following applies: The decision is valid for 18 months from the start date of the program you have been admitted to. You must make a new application in the new admission round.  A copy of the deferment approval must be attached with your application. Note that BTH cannot guarantee that the program will start within 18 months.

Check your messages

Messages are sent to student accounts on
It’s important that you log in to your user account regularly to check for messages from University Admissions or BTH. You can find them under the “Messages” tab after you log in.

Please note that you will not receive an email when a message has been posted to your account; this is why it’s important to log in and read messages on a regular basis.

Information about higher education in Sweden in other languages

If you live in Sweden and require information about higher education in another language than Swedish, we can recommend the website  On this website you can get a brief introduction to higher education in Sweden, information about study levels and degrees, explanation about the application process, in several different languages.

If you are an international student and wishes to study in Sweden, we recommend you to visit

Information for asylum-seekers

As an asylum-seeker in Sweden, you may have special questions regarding what your options are here while waiting for your case to be processed. On you can find information about higher education studies, other options including learning Swedish, and having your previous studies – your qualifications – evaluated for when you’re ready to search for a job.

User account support

If you have general questions about applying to Swedish universities, or problems creating or accessing your user account, please contact University Admissions Support Centre

Contact us

Contact the Admissions office

For general questions regarding study programmes, admission, application procedures etc. please use the following email:

Phone: +46 455 38 55 00
Phone hours: Monday-Friday 08:45-09:30.

Please note that the Admissions office is closed on national holidays.

The admissions office cannot reply to questions regarding tuition fees. These questions should be emailed to