FAQ – Tuition fees

FAQ – Tuition fees

These are the two most common questions that we get:

Have you received my payment?

We always register the payment as soon as we get a confirmation from our financial department, which you then can see when you log in to your BTH tuition fee account. We do not send a confirmation via email.

How long does it take for my payment to get registered to my BTH tuition fee account?

As there are several actors involved in the transaction you should not expect the payment to be registered the next day. If you pay by credit card it can take a week ie. five working days, and a lot more if you make an international bank transaction.

Below you will find answers to the other frequently asked questions about application and tuition fees at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

The tuition fee is SEK 60 000 per semester which includes 30 credits ie. SEK 120 000 for a year.

If you have been admitted to a one or two year programme you are expected to pay one whole semester in advance. (The autumn semester starts in August and ends in middle of January, and the spring semester starts in the middle of January and ends in June)

If you have been admitted to a single subject course, you have to pay for a whole course in advance.

If the payment for your first semester is not received by BTH by the deadline as stated in your BTH tuition fee account, you will lose your place on the programme or course to which you have been conditionally admitted.

If you already are a student at BTH you will be suspended from your studies should the payment not be received on time.

The payment instructions are that the payment should be made in Swedish Crowns (SEK), to avoid exchange rate problems. However, if for some reason there occurs a difference between the required amount of tuition fee and the actual amount of the fee you have paid the following will happen:
-If the difference is less than 1000 SEK, this difference will be adjusted when you arrive at BTH.
-If the difference is more than 1000 SEK, you will be contacted and the adjustment will be done before arriving to BTH.

No. The Swedish Migration Agency will get that information from BTH electronically.

Course literature, housing costs, living expenses, etc.

No. Once you have paid for one course you do not have to pay again when you re-register for the same course.

Please find detailed information about scholarships offered by BTH on the following link: BTH scholarships

Yes, students who are required to pay fees will have to pay for their first semester of studies before a residence permit for studies can be issued. Students will also need to show that they can support themselves during their studies. For other rules concerning residence permits for studies, see the Swedish Migration Agency website.

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