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Third-cycle studies

Third-cycle studies

BTH has the right to award Doctoral and Licentiate degrees and offers third-cycle study programmes within the areas of “IT with Applications” and “Planning and Management”.

Third-cycle studies is offered at both the Faculty of Computing and the Faculty of Engineering and lead to a licentiate or doctoral degree. Approximately 100 doctoral students are active in 10 different subjects , many with a focus on Engineering and Applied IT.

A Doctoral education is the foundation for a career as a researcher and lecturer at colleges and universities or as a researcher in industry. It can also lead to many other exciting jobs .

BTH offers third-cycle programmes in the subjects below.


In order to pursue third-cycle studies you need to be admitted to the third-cycle level.

Announcements of available doctoral studentships can be found at and BTH’s official message boards.

Applications to third-cycle studies can be done regularly throughout the school year and will be in competition with others. Anyone who is interested to begin third-cycle studies should first contact a supervisor for the field he or she is interested in.

Admission to the third-cycle (doctoral) level can sometimes lead to a position as a doctoral student at BTH, but you do not need to be employed at BTH to be admitted to the the third-cycle (doctoral) level. BTH have doctoral students who finance their doctoral studies through grants as well as funds from businesses, county or municipality.

Application and Information

To be admitted as a doctoral student, the applicant fills out the “Application to third-cycle studies”
The application must be accompanied by an individual study plan which is a preliminary work plan for the entire study period.

For more information about how to apply for postgraduate studies and the requirements that must be met, please se “Introduction to third-cycle studies” or contact the Research officers at BTH at: