General rules

The tuition fee is only reimbursed if there are special grounds for a refund. These special grounds are:

  • If the student does not receive a Swedish residence permit.
  • If the student has been conditionally admitted to a programme or course because he or she had not yet received a Bachelor’s degree certificate at the time of application, but does not meet the requirement to hold a degree by the start of the semester, and is therefore not permitted to begin the programme
  • If BTH retracts its offer of a study place or is unable to offer the programme concerned.

Refunds are always made to the same credit card or bank account number as you have used when the payment was made. This applies regardless of whether you have paid from your own account or through another account holder.

Any bank charges will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Refunds are made in SEK (Swedish Krona) and BTH does not take exchange rates in to consideration.

A decision from BTH regarding a refund cannot be appealed.

How to apply for a refund

An application for a refund is made via your BTH tuition fee account.

Only make one application.

You must be able to provide documents verifying the reason for the request that might be sent to you via email. If you invoke other reasons than the reasons mentioned as special grounds for your request of a tuition fee refund, great importance will be attached to the documentation that verifies the reason for your request when your case is assessed.

Make sure to read our local terms and conditions for tuition fees at BTH here: General information

Processing time of refund applications

The processing time for tuition fee refund cases is long and it can take up to 4 months before your case is decided.

Once the decision has been made it can take several weeks for a bank transaction to be finalized.


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