Central Administration including library

Central Administration including library

In Central Administration at BTH you will find different service functions.

Academic and Administration Support Office
Head of Office: Jenny Welander
Telephone: + 46 455-385092
Email: jenny.welander@bth.se

Communications Office
Head of Office: Anna Persson
Telephone: + 46 455-385008
Email: anna.persson@bth.se

Facilities and Services Office
Head of Office: Eva Pihlblad
Telephone: + 46 455-385084
Email: eva.pihlblad@bth.se

Finance Office
Head of Office: Henrik Larsson
Telephone: + 46 455-385501
Email: henrik.larsson@bth.se

Human Resources Office
Head of Office: Fredrik Sjöström
Telephone: + 46 455-38 50 07​​
Email: fredrik.sjostrom@bth.se

IT and Facilities Office
Head of Office: Johan Nordgren
Telephone: + 46 455-385105
Email: johan.nordgren@bth.se

Head of Library: Lasse Bourelius
Telephone: + 46 455-385006
Email: lasse.bourelius@bth.se

Student Affairs Office
Head of Office: Björn Leijonbielke
Telephone: + 46 455-385608
Email: bjorn.leijonbielke@bth.se