Department of Health, TIHA

Department of Health

The Department of Health is one of six departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

Head of Department: Lisa Skär
Department coordinator: Esonita Ali


The research deals with both people who are healthy and those who are sick, post injury, with disabilities or special needs. The research is also concerned with how technology can support and develop health and healthcare.

Research within this field studies the processes, methods, diagnostics or treatment that relieve symptoms, where the focus is to understand, strengthen, support and rehabilitate people in different health situations, in different contexts and using different methods.

Interaction is an important part of the research, in the form of communication, collaboration and learning, which testifies to the multidisciplinary approach that characterises the field.

Research is conducted within the following subjects:

The subject is based on people’s needs – health, environment, interaction and care. The objective is to gain knowledge to support, improve and restore human health; prevent, relieve and endure suffering; and create conditions for a peaceful death. The research focuses on individual patients and their relatives’ needs and resources, the healthcare and environmental circumstances, and on care from an organisational perspective.

Public health science
The subject is based on a multidisciplinary perspective that includes knowledge from different disciplines studying the impact of lifestyles, the environment, social structures and healthcare systems on public health. The objective is to gain knowledge about people’s health, health determinants, and health promotion and preventive healthcare.

Medical science
The subject studies human beings from a biological perspective on the basis of natural science. The research projects seek explanations to the causes, symptoms and processes of different diseases, based on pathophysiological changes and treatments.

Applied health technology
This is an interdisciplinary subject incorporating studies on how health directly or indirectly relates to the application and results of technology. The research projects are based on both individuals and the population at large. The subject is also the subject of a PhD programme at BTH.


The department’s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.

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