Visa and Residence permit

Visa and Residence permit

Students from EU/EEA countries
As an EU citizen, you do not need a residence permit before you come to Sweden. You will need a valid passport or an identity card proving your citizenship when entering Sweden.

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA
In general, all students from non-EU/EEA countries have to apply for a residence permit if they plan to study in Sweden for a period longer than three months. Please keep in mind that the process for a residence permit for studies takes time. We advise you to start the application process as soon as you receive your admission letter from us.

Important information to applicants from Pakistan
We have recently been informed that the Swedish Embassy in Pakistan (Islamabad) will remain closed for the rest of 2023. Due to this change, we anticipate that students who are resident in Pakistan will face severe challenges in receiving their residence permits.

If you wish to raise your concerns about this issue, we suggest raising them directly to the Embassy:

Keep yourself updated on the Swedish Embassy website. 

Students who are required to pay tuition fee (non-exchange students)
Students who are required to pay tuition fee will have to pay for their first semester of studies before a residence permit for studies can be issued. Students do not need to send a certificate to the Swedish Migration Agency that the tuition fee has been paid as it is sent electronically from BTH.

Students need to submit an admission letter to verify that they have been admitted to full-time studies. Use the admission letter (notification of selection results) which can be printed from the account at BTH does not issue any other admission notice/letter.

Students admitted to a course/programme of one year or less, need to confirm that they have a comprehensive health insurance to obtain a residence permit. The admission letter (notification of selection results) confirms that the student is covered by a health insurance from the university. If the student apply through the Migration Agency web application, they can attach the admission letter as proof of health insurance.

Students will also need to show that they can support themselves during their studies.

You will find all necessary information about how to apply for a residence on Swedish Migration Agency.

False phone calls regarding residence permits
BTH would like to raise your attention to fraud attempt regarding residence permits. It has come to our attention that students have been contacted regarding their residence permit applications. The callers have claimed to be calling from an embassy and/or referred to

Applications for residence permits (including extensions) are handled only by the Swedish Migration Agency. The Swedish Migration Agency, or the Swedish Embassy, never discuss fees or other money issues over the phone.

If you have received a suspicious phone call, kindly contact the Swedish Migration Agency or the Swedish Embassy.