External engagement

External engagement

BTH is a modern and open university which is easy to work with. We collaborate with wider society and are a driving actor both regionally and nationally.

What distinguishes BTH is its close cooperation with industry and society which permeates both education and research at the regional, national and international levels.

BTH is characterised by cooperation and co-production with surrounding society. It is of great importance that research and education is conducted in cooperation with community stakeholders, which increases the students’ connections to professional life during their studies and makes the students become more attractive on the labour market. When we cooperate with wider society, we can better contribute to solving the challenges facing society.


Innovation activities at BTH are mainly conducted at each department, as it is the university’s strategy to identify and further develop potential ideas as close to the needs and expertise as possible.

Through close collaboration with companies and organisations in both research and education, a continuous flow of ideas, concepts and prototypes for innovative products, services and processes is created. For this reason, BTH’s innovation support focuses a lot on developing strategies, models and methods for innovation collaboration.

Collaboration with industry and society

  • For development of human-centered computing systems for novel visual and interactive applications BTH collaborates with Axis Communications, Ericsson, Tobii Pro and WIP.
  • BTH collaborates with the police authority on issues related to analysis of crime patterns and crime fighting.
  • BTH collaborates with Netport on road electrification and the possibility of private financing of infrastructure.
  • BTH believes in sustainability transformation of transport and energy systems. We collaborate with companies, municipalities, regional associations and other partners regarding this.
  • Research on entrepreneurship, business dynamics and the role of software in business is important to us. BTH collaborates with the
  • Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Swedsoft on these matters.
  • BTH collaborates with Malmö and Lund University on the development of knowledge about Nordic testbed planning with a focus on planning and experiments in smart mobility.
  • In the field of underwater technology BTH collaborates with NKT, Saab, the Swedish Coast Guard and the Swedish Armed Forces.
  • BTH collaborates with Dynapac in both student and research projects with a focus on sustainable product development.
  • In a research project focusing on secure cloud and energy services BTH is collaborating with Affärsverken and Ericsson.


  • In the process of creating resource efficient systems for the analysis of large amounts of data BTH is collaborating with Ericsson, Telenor and Sony Mobile Communications.
  • BTH collaborates with several companies to implement strategic sustainability thinking in their innovation processes.
  • BTH conducts radar research together with SAAB and FOI, especially in the field of remote sensing for detection.
  • BTH conducts research in close collaboration with industry to support Swedish software intensive companies in their efforts to efficiently manage sourcing. The results have been developed in collaboration with Ericsson, DXT Technologies, Telenor and Spotify.
  • BTH, together with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Region Blekinge and the Municipality of Karlskrona, conducts research on health, nursing and care for the increasing number of elderly in the population.
  • We work for strategic leadership and change for sustainability together with owners and leaders in companies such as Lindéngruppen, Polarbrödsgruppen, Soyagruppen, Bertegruppen, Sisyfosgruppen, Northvolt, SPP Storebrand, Gullspång Invest, Girindus Invest, etc., which are part of the business network StepWise.

Andreas Larsson, deputy vice-chancellor
E-mail: andreas.larsson@bth.se
Telephone: 0455-38 55 55

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