Newly admitted students

Newly admitted students

We are excited to welcome you to your desired education – a new journey with unique experiences of living and studying abroad is going to start for you.

On this page, we would like to support and help you with your next steps and provide you with useful and practical information. The BTH Guidance Programme aimed at programme students includes virtual open house webinars tailormade for each step and we will invite you to join different live sessions to get detailed information and direct contact with our experts and programme managers. We also offer chats with our student ambassadors and newly graduated alumni, as well as chats and virtual meetings with our International Office.


Congratulations on your study place at Blekinge Institute of Technology. I’m honoured that you have chosen BTH for your education. I hope you will find your time here rewarding both for your studies and for your personal well-being.

Vice-Chancellor, Mats Viberg

Information for on-campus programmes

Spring term 2022

The teaching of study period 4 (weeks 13–22) will take place according to regular planning, i.e. campus for campus-based programmes and courses. International students are given the opportunity for digital teaching when it is not possible to follow teaching on campus.

Autumn term 2022

For study period 1 (week 35 – 43) and period 2 (week 44 – 02), teaching will take place on campus for campus-based programmes and courses. We recommend paying the tuition fees and applying for the residence permit as soon as possible.


Academic calendar


Registration and information

Important next steps to keep your place on the education

1. Tuition fee

Non-EU/EEA students are required to pay tuition fee for the studies. Visit our tuition fee page for terms and conditions for fee-paying students.

2. Activate student account

You can activate your student account when you receive an e-mail from BTH regarding student account. Information and link to activation is available in the Student Portal. If you have not received an e-mail regarding student account one week before the registration period closes, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

3. Register for the courses

You must register for the courses to keep your place on the education. Register in Ladok for students, instructions are in the Student portal. You can find the registration periods here. If you cannot carry out the registration yourself, contact

4. Log in to learning platform Canvas

BTH’s digital learning platform is called Canvas and you log in to Canvas with your student account. In Canvas, you can find pages for individual courses with information from the course manager and teachers. There is also a page for each programme with information from the programme manager. Log in to Canvas here.

5. Course schedule

You can search for course schedule here, use the course code in the search field. The schedule is available a few weeks before the course start.

6. Student on a programme or course package?

Read your welcome letter! You will find the welcome letter for programmes here and for course packages here. If you have specific questions, please contact the programme manager or course package manager.

7. Student on freestanding courses?

You will find information on the course Canvas page. If you have specific questions, please contact the course manager.

8. Participate in the roll call

If you do not participate in the roll call, or report planned absence to the programme- or course manager, you may lose your place on the education.

Other useful information

Take a look at our Checklist which is full of important information and things to do before arriving in Sweden, as well as things to prepare for your studies.

Look around in the Studentportal
Visit the Student portal to find more useful information.


Welcome to BTH

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