Department of Industrial Economics, TIEK

Department of Industrial Economics

The Department of Industrial Economics is one of six departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

Head of Department: Eva Lövstål
Department coordinator: Monica Nilsson


The research in Industrial Economics and Management at BTH focuses on the interplay between technology, innovation and industrial dynamics. Key issues concern the preconditions for as well as consequences of new technologies and their implementation in businesses. This spans technology-based business and entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation in established as well as new and emerging industries and businesses. The research is organized in two themes:

Management of innovation and technology
This line of research has the firm, project or project organization as its natural unit of analysis. The focus is on analyses of resource bases, strategy, competence and capabilities, and how these interplay with technology and innovation. The research span business models, strategy, investment risks and competence and capability development.

Industrial dynamics and technological change 
The research in this theme is focused on analyses of market, industry and business dynamics, and the role of policy. It comprises studies of entrepreneurship, development of new industries and businesses, diffusion of innovations and new technologies. It also comprises analyses of economy-wide change processes that span businesses across time and space, for example initiated by general purpose technologies like ICT.

Working paper series
S-WoPec – Working Paper Series



The department’s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.

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