The list of Highly Ranked Scholars recognises BTH researchers whose work is of high impact and quality

Professor Emeritus Claes Wohlin, a distinguished scholar at Blekinge Institute of Technology, and one of the founders of the Software Engineering community in Sweden, has been honoured as an inaugural Highly Ranked Scholar by ScholarGPS, placing him in the elite top 0.05% of scholars and ranking him #6 worldwide in Software Engineering.

This ranking recognises Claes Wohlin’s lifetime achievements in the Software Engineering area. This prestigious ranking is well reflected in his academic track record, confirming his substantial contributions to Software Engineering research, which is internationally recognised for its rigour and industrial impact.
Throughout his career, Professor Wohlin has shaped Software Engineering education and research, and significantly advanced the discipline, nationally and internationally. The ranking recognises another Swedish scholar currently active in Sweden, Per Runeson, Lund University (#21). He is one of Claes Wohlin’s former doctoral students.

BTH Professors recognised for their lifetime achievements
Three BTH researchers are recognised based on lifetime achievements. In addition to the abovementioned Claes Wohlin, Professor Mats Viberg is highly ranked scholar #9 in Sensor arrays and #67 in Signal processing. Professor Karl-Henrik Robért is highly ranked scholar #26 in Cleaner production.

Additional highly ranked scholar
The ranking list also recognises contributions based on prior five-year activities. Here we find Professor Sophie Hallstedt, who is highly ranked scholar #3 in the New product development area, and #51 in Sustainability.

About the ranking
ScholarGPS is a platform that ranks the contributions of scholars across multiple disciplines and evaluates them based on their publication output, citation impact, and h-index (quality), reflecting the quality and impact of their research. The data used to identify the Highly Ranked Scholars is based on lifetime or prior five-year activity, weighting each publication and citation by the number of authors, and excluding self-citations.

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29 May 2024

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