The School of Engineering offers a broad range of academic courses at all levels and across many disciplines. Some of the courses and the courses are given also in English in an international student environment.
We also provide a wide range of courses that are well suited for skills development, both for individuals and staff in the companies. Courses cut across many different technology areas: Electrical Engineering, signal processing, sound and Vibration, Radio Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Astronomy, Product Development, Sustainable development and so on.
We offer both businesses and individuals help and assistance with selecting courses and to build training packages to suit individual and companies. We are also interested in discussing with your company how to build new courses more suitably for your needs if our current courses do don’t fit or some area is lacking.

We work with an international network of educational organizations. In our courses we have participants from almost all over the world. You can study in groups with students from many different cultures and countries. Many of these students come with highly qualified backgrounds in terms of both previous studies and work experience in companies, agencies and organizations.


Education Director
Stefan Sjödahl

Our international programs


Group picture IEEE contest
June 3, IEEE Thesis Poster Competition

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