The pages on SESweden are hosted by Blekinge Institute of Technology, but the intention is to cover Software Engineering in Sweden. SESweden is a result of an initiative to create a Swedish network.

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Professor Claes Wohlin, 
Svetlana Zivanovic, responsible of the website,

Criteria for inclusion of research groups into SESweden

  1. Groups included should provide a link (on the page linked to) to SESweden.
  2. Research groups shall fulfill at least one of the following items (preferably all three):
  • the research description of the group should clearly position the group as being within software engineering.
  • if a publication list exists, it should contain publications in journals and conferences, whose main scope is software engineering.
  • the research groups are expected to be active in relation to the conference: Software Engineering Research and Practice in Sweden. Activity should here be interpreted as submission and acceptance of papers as well as participation in the conference regularly.

Mailing list SESweden


SESweden is a mailing list provided as a service to the Swedish Software Engineering community, and is intended primarily for the dissemination of time-sensitive information relevant to the field of software engineering research.

Please note that the use of SESweden is reserved for non-commercial purposes only.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

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