About Blekinge

About Blekinge

Blekinge is Sweden’s smallest county on the mainland, located in the southeast next to the sea in the centre of the beautiful archipelago. The archipelago is surrounded by 1,650 islands which creates a special atmosphere. Blekinge offers a safe environment as well as an excellent choice for family life with affordable housing. 

BTH has campuses in two cities – Karlskrona, where our main campus is located, and Karlshamn, where our smaller campus is located. Both campuses are located right by the Baltic Sea, which offers a fantastic work environment. No matter where you choose to live, you will find that there are short distances in Blekinge. There are only 40 minutes between our two campuses – and you can commute easily by train or bus. The airport, Ronneby Airport, is located close to both cities.

The city of Karlskrona was founded in 1680 as the site of the country’s new naval port and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998, thanks to its grand churches and squares, parade streets and naval base that attract visitors from all over the world. And all this in the middle of the archipelago – an archipelago that Unesco has designated as one of seven biosphere reserves in Sweden. Karlskrona also offers a richly varied business community in unique environments where the old meets the new. Close cooperation between BTH and the business sector has led several of Karlskrona’s companies to become leaders in a number of new knowledge areas.

Karlshamn, the charming coastal town with cobbled streets, cultural quarter and beautiful nature. BTH’s campus in Karlshamn is centrally located only 600 meters from Stortorget. The port of Karlshamn is one of Sweden’s deepest and largest ports. Nearby is also the Nordic region’s largest safari park, Eriksberg Wildlife and Nature, as well as the famous salmon fishing in Mörrum – a crown jewel in the context of sport fishing.

Blekinge’s five municipalities

BTH has campuses in two cities, Karlskrona and Karlshamn, but you can choose to live anywhere in Blekinge as the distances within the county are short.

Read more about what it’s like to live in one of Blekinge’s five municipalities:


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Travel to and from Blekinge

By car:

  • 2,5 hours from Copenhagen
  • 2 hours from Malmö
  • 3,5 hours from Gothenburg

By train:

  • 3,5 hours from Copenhagen
  • 2,5 hours from Malmö
  • 4,5 hours from Gothenburg

By plane:

  • 55 minutes from Stockholm (Bromma airport or Arlanda airport) to Ronneby airport
  • 1,5 hours from Frankfurt to Ronneby airport

By bus or taxi:

30 minutes from Ronneby airport with airport buses or taxi

By ferry:

10 hours from Gdynia (Poland) with Stena Line