Web Technology

Programme course, 7,5 credits

  • Period : 2021-August-23 until 2021-October-31
  • Location: Some or all of education and examination is held at distance.
  • Main field of study: Software Engineering
  • Education level: G1N
  • Welcome letter: This course is part of a programme and has no welcome letter.
  • Language of instruction: The language of instruction is Swedish.
  • Course code: PA1439
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This course is part of a programme and cannot be applied.

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Web Technology, 7,5 credits

HTML, XHTML and CSS provides services vital to how a web application can be built. With the help of PHP and server-side programming to web application can be more dynamic and managing the storage of information in databases. With PHP, web application built to a more programming-rate structure. A structure that facilitates the development and maintenance.

This introductory course is for those who want to learn techniques from scratch. The course requires no prior knowledge. The course focuses on building blocks of HTML and CSS. We use HTML5 and look in the the opportunities that CSS3 will offer. PHP is introduced as a scripting language and using simple programming constructs created a web application in a structured way. Information stored in a file-based database. The course will use both XML and SQL database SQLite to store information. Simple SQL queries used for querying the database.

Overall, the course is a thorough introduction and orientation of the techniques often used to create Web applications. This course can usefully be taken of those who have no knowledge of either programming or HTML / CSS skills. Course exercises will take into account students' prior knowledge. For those with experience, the course give the opportunity to deep dive in reference guide for HTML and CSS.

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