Applied Case Course in Security - Large

Single subject course, 20 credits

  • Period : 2023-August-28 until 2024-January-14
  • Location: Some or all of education and examination is held at distance.
  • Type of instruction: Distance, mixed-time, part-time 67%
  • Main field of study: Software Engineering
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  • Education level: A1N
  • Language of instruction: The language of instruction is English.
  • Course code: PA2590
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Applied Case Course in Security - Large, 20 credits

Working with security, either by enhancing it through working methods, models, or principles in the product development process, and / or implementing security solutions for environments or operations, depends on how well the students can apply in practice the knowledge they acquired during their education and work experience. The course aims that students, either individually or in groups, identify a challenge related to security, and also leaves room for the students to solve the problem by applying the latest technology, knowledge, principles, methods and models to satisfy the security perspective in a cost-effective way. The course goal is to enable professionals to apply security-related knowledge to solve practical challenges that companies have. They will be able to do this within the scope of an applied case course that enables them to apply knowledge, solve problems for companies, while providing opportunities for learning and problem solving in an environment where the student is supported by one or several mentors.

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Tony Gorschek

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