Digital Ethics and Sustainable Development

Programme course, 6 credits

  • Period : 2025-January-20 until 2025-June-08
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Type of instruction: On campus, day, part-time 25%
  • Main field of study: Software Engineering
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  • Language of instruction: English
  • Education level: G1N
  • Course code: PA1481
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This course is part of a programme and cannot be applied.

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Digital Ethics and Sustainable Development, 6 credits

The course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the issues and approaches related to digital ethics and sustainable development within the context of the computing domain. Students will acquire knowledge about the need to reflect on and address ethical, social, economic, and environmental issues while developing, operating, and maintaining software systems such as traditional and AI-based software systems. The course’s focus is thus to raise awareness about the various ethical and sustainability challenges and their implications in the context of software systems and solutions – and to provide students with the knowledge and skills for addressing such challenges in their professional careers.

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