Get to know us

BTH is a knowledge-driven organisation centred on utility and application, and as
such we are a driving force in the transition to a sustainable and more digital society.

Our vision is:

A better world through knowledge, competence and innovation in digitalisation and sustainability.

Education at BTH

BTH offers profession-oriented study programmes which are intended for both national and international students. They are conducted in close collaboration with society-at-large.

The majority of our students study in the first cycle, where most of our courses are
offered in Swedish. In years two and three, a range of courses offered in English
invites student exchanges and internationalisation.

Second cycle programmes are
based on our strong research fields and ensure that we have complete environments.
The student body consists of both Swedish and international students from various
countries, and the proportion of fee-paying students is one fifth of the total.

Learn more about BTH’s study programmes in English.

Research at BTH

BTH has two faculties; the Faculty of Computing and the Faculty of Engineering.

BTH’s research has high relevance and impact,
is focused on society’s needs and challenges, and is usually conducted in collaboration with industry and society.

BTH conducts research within nine areas:

  • Applied Health Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Economics and Management
  • Mathematics and Applications
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Spatial Planning
  • Strategic Sustainable Development
  • Systems Engineering

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International BTH

We offer an international environment and an open atmosphere, where it is possible to create contacts and build networks. Our degree programmes and doctoral studies are all involved in many international collaborations.

BTH has agreements with around 100 European higher education institutions and 35 collaborations outside of Europe. This means BTH has agreements with higher education institutions in most parts of the world both when it comes to under graduate programmes as well as in research.



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