Itslearning closes

Itslearning is closed

For students, itslearning is no longer available

All upcoming courses will be available at Canvas,

If you who have unfinished courses can apply for re-registration via the link below. There are also the rules for re-registration described.

If you have an unfinished course that is closed and no longer given to BTH, special rules apply. These rules have been communicated by e-mail or otherwise.

If you are unsure if the course is still given or is closed, the contact persons below will be able to assist you. If you are not sure who to contact, or if your area is missing, contact

Course area contact information

Mechanical Engineering   

Mats Walter (head of department)


Computer Science

Birgitta Hermanson (director of studies)

Anders Nelsson (director of studies)


Electrical Engineering

Sven Johansson (head of department)


Spatial planning

Birgitta Hallqvist (director of studies)


Business administration

Monica H Nilsson (department coordinator)

Industrial Economics and Management

Monica H Nilsson (department coordinator)



Vanja Lindberg (head of department)


Nursing Science

Markus Hjelm (programme co-ordinator)


Software Engineering

Michael Mattsson (director of studies)


Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

Cecilia Bratt (director of studies)

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