At the library

At the library

The BTH library offers students modern and well-equipped premises for studies. In the upper floor of the library, you find Lövsalen, which is designed as an Active Learning Center, with round tables for group work, screens, and whiteboards. At the ground floor, there is a quiet area to meet the demand for more quiet reading places. We are happy to receive suggestions for the development of the library premises and study environment.

Lövsalen at the library is available for students when the premises are not booked by staff, see current bookings here


Group rooms

The group rooms at the library are intended for group-work. They are equipped with LCD-screens and whiteboards. Whiteboard pens are available for loan at the information desk.

Please note:

  • The group rooms are for group-work – for individual studies, please use our ”Quiet area” with individual study seats.
  • It is not possible to lock the group rooms if you need to leave them, for example to have a lunch break.

Network & printers

Printer/copy machine/scanner

We have multifunction printers at the library for printing, copying and scanning. To use them you need a BTH account and a Dibs account. The cost of printing and copying will be charged to your account.

You can scan documents as PDF files and send them to your e-mail, free of charge.

Wireless network

In all BTH premises in Karlskrona and Karlshamn, you can connect your laptop to the wireless network if you are a student at BTH

Study zones

The library offers a flexible study environment with several areas to study:

Tyst zone Silent zone: with individual study seats, book hall, lower floor.

Lugn zone Low volume: short conversations, book hall, lower floor.

Samarbetszon Collaborative zone: group work and collaboration, study hall, upper floor.


Code of conduct

The following code of conduct is intended to ensure a respectful and productive environment for study and research for all users of the BTH Library.

Work environment

  • Remember that the Library is a place of work for many users – please respect this by talking in a normal conversational tone, and lowering the volume of your mobile phone.
  • Smoking is not allowed at the Library.

Food and drink

  • Beverages are allowed in the Library, but if you wish to have food or “Fika”, please visit the restaurant in the J-building or the café in the D-building.


  • The computers at the Library must only be used in accordance with the BTH rules of use of computer resources and the SUNET regulations.

Equipment for loan

Besides books, you can also borrow other equipment to use in your studies.

  • Headphones – Listen to music or a lecture, or communicate with someone else using your computer.
  • Whiteboard pens and dusters for the whiteboards in the group rooms.
  • Earplugs

Campus Karlshamn

There is also a library at Campus Karlshamn where anyone is welcome.
To register a library card please contact a librarian through e-mail: The library card applies to both libraries at Campus Karlshamn and Campus Gräsvik. Use our lending stations to issue books and return the books at the lending stations as well.
If you are looking for a book from Campus Gräsvik, you as a student or staff can reserve it and pick it up at Campus Karlshamn.
The rules for borrowing books are the same as for the library at Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona.
More information can be found on our contact and opening hours.